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Part Two ~ A Story Only God Could Write

If you haven't already done so, you might want to read Part 1 before proceeding.  

The rest of the story:

In December 2016, when we saw Dr. Dobbs at St. Louis Children's Hospital for Kaison's bilateral tenotomy follow-up, we consulted him for Kasidi's spasticity as well.

Dr. Dobbs is an amazing orthopedic surgeon whose specialty is predominantly treating kiddos with cerebral palsy, spina bifida and clubfoot.  People literally come from around the world to see him.  He offers hope to many families who have been told their child's legs require amputation due to complex clubfoot and other issues.  

Please don't misunderstand me, there are other great pediatric orthopedists, even here in Oklahoma!  But with Kaison's complex bilateral clubfoot and delayed treatment, we knew after corresponding with Dr. Dobbs that our greatest success would likely come from his vast experience.

Kaison after only 2 castings!

So after doing all we could to address Kasidi's spastic muscles, we sent video and pictures to Dr. Dobbs, and he assured us he could help her!

Until we actually saw him, we didn't know what he had in mind.  More serial casting?  Rhizotomy?  Muscle relaxers?  Nope!  He said he's had success with lengthening the hamstring and the heel cord in kiddos like Kasidi.  He further explained that it would be a simple surgery with an overnight stay, and she would leave the hospital bearing weight on walking casts!  Seriously?!?

Our only hurdle with Dr. Dobbs is that he doesn't take our insurance.  The hospital does, praise the Lord, but not our physician.  Soooo we had scraped together the thousands of dollars needed for Kaison's many trips to St. Louis for casting and surgery right before Christmas.

We've had Thanksgiving and Christmas bake sales, sold poinsettias and anything else that wasn't nailed down to raise the funds.  Another surgery that costs even more seemed daunting, but in faith we scheduled it for January 19, 2017.

So lean in and listen to just a few ways that God has intervened in a way that only He can!

While on the road to St. Louis with Kasidi and Kaison in December, Clayton received a phone call that would prove significant in ways we couldn't have imagined!

A couple who had befriended us in recent months were at our home with a special delivery.

Seriously, wow!  They were sharing our story at church and another couple, overhearing, wanted to bless our Krew with a giant gingerbread house.  They were delivering it, but we weren't home to hug their necks in thanks, so they left it for us.

When we returned from St. Louis the next evening we took pictures of the kids piled around the house and emailed them with a note of thanks to three couples responsible for this huge blessing.

One of the families, K&CW, replied to our email and asked if they could do anything for our family.  We asked that they pray for Kasidi's upcoming surgery.  Of course, they were happy to pray!  They also wrote: "Our private family foundation is glad to consider any need you might have.  If you can reply with a written request, it will be presented at our next meeting. "

Surreal.  I asked my prayer partner to join us in praying for discernment.  In the end, we sent this email: "We would be humbled to be considered.  
We are raising funds for Kasidi's upcoming surgery of a tendon and hamstring release which will be life-changing for her!  Dr. Dobbs at St. Louis Children's Hospital will perform the surgery, and our share of the cost is $XXXX.  Even a small donation from your foundation would be such a blessing and encouragement for our family!
Dr. Dobbs has changed our newest son, Kaison's, future with the recent casting and surgery he performed!" ...

And then we prayed.  For peace.  For provision.  For the energy to hold more bake sale fundraisers.  And for more peace.

Jump ahead to this week.  We've prayed fervently for guidance as to whether we should postpone next week's surgery.  I even asked for unspecified prayer on Facebook on Tuesday.  Three hours later we received an email that a check had been sent from this family's private foundation!  We didn't know how much or when it would arrive, but GOD had definitely intervened!

On Friday we found out the check covered more than half the cost of the surgery!!!  We praise God and we thank this family from the bottom of our hearts!  Even with our bake sale proceeds and this incredible gift, we were a few thousand dollars short, so we called Kathy, Dr. Dobbs'  coordinator, to discuss rescheduling.

To our surprise, she informed us that Dr. Dobbs would perform surgery as scheduled next week anyway, and we could make arrangements to pay the balance following Kasidi's much needed surgery!

Y'all, we can't make this stuff up!  Only God can speak to the hearts of His people and cause mountains to move.

So Friday afternoon we began to scramble to find someone to make the near 10-hour trip with me, because my dear hubby won't let me take two kiddos alone.  And we felt it would be more practical for him to stay home to care for the other eight in my three-day absence.  After all, we've relied on the same four people to watch our kids each time we've made the trip, and this just seemed like too much to ask.

Once again, the LORD spoke!  My two brothers are married to awesome gals, and I call them my sisters.  One still has littles at home (Ashlie), and the other is an empty nester (Sheri).  I called Sheri to see if she'd be willing to make the two-hour drive to our house and then another ten hours to St. Louis - ha!  She had a better idea - both she and my brother would stay here to care for the kids, and Clayton and I could make the trip together!  Seriously?!?  

At this point I should mention that Sheri traveled with Kenzie and I to China in May of 2011 to get Kennah and Kasidi.  What a coincidence God thing!

So this Wednesday, January 18, my hubby and I, along with Kaison and Kasidi, will be on our way.  We will stay with the amazing friends who have treated us like royalty every time we've made the trip, by putting us up in their carriage house yet again.  Oh, and we met them when we traveled to China together in 2009!

So, only God could write a story like this.  We just happen to be along for the incredible ride and have the blessing of watching our children grow up with all the potential God gives them.

And when you see our fliers for bake sales, like Valentine's, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, the wind is blowing day, you will know it's for a great cause :)


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Hope Rising Farm said...

A-ma-Zing! Like only our God can do...thanks for sharing, giving Him the glory and encouraging us this morning!

Louisa and family

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