Monday, January 19, 2015

Would You Partner With Us to Bring Kohlby Home and Help Families in Haiti?

Realistically, we are 4 to 6 weeks till travel!!!

We've been praying for a fundraiser that would, first and foremost, honor the Lord, and secondly, that we would be so excited to share that you might want to join us!

Here it is!
Pay-It-Forward Bracelet Fundraiser FAQ

*So, what exactly are you doing?
We're offering the handmade bracelets to you!
*How much are they?
You can choose the amount you wish to give and the number of bracelets you want to receive.
*Why are you calling it Pay-It-Forward?
That's the coolest part! It will cost us a certain amount per bracelet, but if we can reach our $8000 goal, we will give an additional 10% of all proceeds to the Apparent Project.  So your gift is two-fold: it helps bring a former orphan from China home to his family, AND it provides hope to families in Haiti!
*Where can I give?
The "Donate" Button on the sidebar will allow you to choose the $ amount and number of bracelets.

More beautiful bracelets

The mission of the Apparent Project:
"To keep families together... Besides redeeming family situations, the Apparent Project artisan guild is dedicated to redeeming creation and cleaning up Haiti's landscapes through producing unique 'upcycled' artisan goods."

Apparent Project- Beauty Changes Things from Corrigan Clay on Vimeo.

Would you join us?  
And feel free to share this.

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