Saturday, January 17, 2015

Where We Were; Where We Are; Where We Will Be

We've had a crazy couple of months.  In fact, as I reflect on 2014, it's been a pretty wild ride. 

I'm so excited to share where we are now, and where we will be very soon!

We are literally weeks from traveling to bring Kohlby home.  Our Article 5 will be picked up on January 29, and then we'll be awaiting Travel Approval.  TA came in 3 days last time.  While I'm not anticipating that happening again, we know it's possible.

We have seen God's hand in every step of this process, from moving us to say "Yes" to providing the dollars as they were needed.  I know I've said it before, but we didn't have any funds to start the adoption process.  Yet, we knew we were to move forward in faith.  

He is so faithful to Himself!  Only He could have orchestrated what I'm about to share with you.  Back in June the Lord placed our family on the heart of an adoptive mama (JH), unbeknownst to us.  That mama contacted another adoptive mama (LP), letting her know that we were fundraising our way back to China.  The second mama recommended our family for prospective sponsorship to her friend and business owner (FS).  *I'm sorry for the anonymity, but we have promised not to share names, and these folks know who they are*
We submitted an application for sponsorship, and in July received the call that we were accepted!

There was no specific amount promised, only that the business would send a portion of its proceeds to our agency as they became available.  They sponsor adoption-specific funds, excluding airfare, lodging, meals and costs incurred if the trip were a vacation.

We presumed it would total a 'typical' grant amount of $3000.  Can I just tell you that it has far exceeded that amount, and the Lord has worked beyond our imagination through FS!  They are still sending funds to our agency almost weekly.

Neither we nor this business knew that our boat would be rocked in October when Clayton was involved in an accident that would whittle our budget to a frayed shoestring and distract us from fundraising BUT would cause us to rest in the Lord as we took care of first things first.  

*Update on my hardworking man*  I'm so proud of him for following doctor's orders and taking the necessary time to heal.  He was making an incredible recovery, and appeared he would not need either the skin or bone graft.  Recovery took a bit of a turn Wednesday, and the short story is that we will know Tuesday if additional surgery is needed to remove the hardware which has caused infection.  We would truly appreciate your prayers for healing!

In December another amazing family told us they'd been praying about how to give toward our adoption, and the Lord led them to give the orphanage donation: $5700!

And here's where we are: With weeks till we travel, we've put a pencil to paper and estimated that we are still $8000 short in funds.

For weeks we've been praying for the Lord to show us what our part is in raising the last funds.  For weeks the answer has been "rest."  

Then, a few days ago we felt peace about sharing our need and getting to work.

The next day another adoptive mama shared a fundraiser with me.  The more I read about it, the more it touched my heart.  But that wasn't quite enough to move forward.  

Because we don't just want to receive; we want to give.

And then the Lord revealed exactly what we are to do.  We have chosen the Apparent Project!  whose mission is: 
"To keep families together... Besides redeeming family situations, the Apparent Project artisan guild is dedicated to redeeming creation and cleaning up Haiti's landscapes through producing unique 'upcycled' artisan goods."

Pay-It-Forward Bracelet Fundraiser FAQ

*So, what exactly are you doing?
We're offering the handmade bracelets to you!
*How much are they?
You can choose the amount you wish to give and the number of bracelets you want to receive.
*Why are you calling it Pay-It-Forward?
That's the coolest part! It will cost us a certain amount per bracelet, but if we can reach our $8000 goal, we will give an additional 10% of all proceeds to the Apparent Project.  So your gift is two-fold: it helps bring a former orphan from China home to his family, AND it provides hope to families in Haiti!
*Where can I give?
The PayPal Button in the sidebar will allow you to choose the $ amount and number of bracelets.

We want to praise God for all He has done in our adoption journey, for stretching us and growing our faith, and we want to thank Him in advance for providing all we will need to get our boy home!

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.
John 14:18


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