Friday, December 5, 2014

Sweeten Your Shopping With an Amazon Gift Card!

So, please don't tell me you're finished shopping!

And if you are that together, don't tell me :)

But, seriously, if you're like me, you've made your kids stay off the computer this week because you've kept the Amazon tab open!

So how about a shot at wrapping up your shopping with a $250 Amazon gift card?

We found out today that our dossier is in the final stage before LOA!!!  I've gotta admit that my heart is beating a little faster now, even though we're still at least 3 months from travel.

How can you enter the drawing for the gift card?
*Use the PitchInBox in the right sidebar or email me for other options.
*$10 gets you 1 shot
*$20 gets you 3 shots
*Each blog, FB, IG share gets an additional shot
*Runs from December 5 to December 15

Good luck and thank you!!!

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