Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Winner Is...

...my sweet friend, Elisabeth Schaap!

Elisabeth is known by many in the adoption community, and it is my privilege to call her friend!
Not only is she an adoptive mama, but she is brokenhearted for those left behind, and she gives immeasurably to families paperchasing for their children.
You can catch a glimpse of her heart on her blog HERE!

I want to thank each person who gave and shared.  Without your help, we wouldn't be able to move to the next step.
A special thank you to those who are praying us through our journey to Kohlby.  It is so encouraging to know we are being lifted to the throne of grace.  It is such a journey of faith, but we will not grow weary, for we know that He is always faithful, even when we are not, He finishes what He begins, His plans cannot be thwarted, and His promises cannot be broken!

We just learned that our paperwork is at the USCIS.  Now we await fingerprint appointments and then 800A approval.  And while we wait, we are preparing our dossier and applying for adoption assistance grants.

May the Lord be glorified in every part of this adoption journey!

1 comment:

lizzielou said...

Thank you my friend for your kind words, what a treasure you are. Thank you! Every blessing as you journey to your beautiful little guy! And many prayers xoxo

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