Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Life is This...

The Lord has blessed us with an incredible harvest!
The crop just keeps producing!

 We've had to make some priority changes this summer.  It feels like we're just hunkered down here on the farm, alienated from the activities going on around us.  And maybe we are...for a season.
The crop is so abundant that it requires much attention.
So our prayer has been that we would be diligent in stewarding the Lord's crop.  And satisfied in Him.

 He has given us energy in times of exhaustion.
He has given us strength in times of weakness.
He has given us hope in times of struggle.
We have spent a lot of time together as a family.
Of course, that's always peachy *ahem*.
Our sorters start at 5 am, so we've ditched the frozen waffles and cold cereal (and there's nothing wrong with those!) for homemade breakfast every morning.

 We still have over 2 weeks of harvest left.
We are tired, but we are so blessed!
We praise the Lord for His crop!

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