Monday, May 5, 2014

Ordering "Treasure" Tees Tomorrow!!

Y'all!  We are so humbled by your response to our Treasure tee.  We will be placing our first large order of tees tomorrow, so there is still time!

If you've left a comment, PM, email or text stating you'd like to order, you may use the PayPal "Add to Cart" button in the right side bar, or make other payment arrangements and we'll get you in this order.

The PayPal button will show you all the size options and allow you to choose one or more sizes.  
More details are included in my original post found HERE.

Thank you!
To HIM be glory!!!


Wendy said...

Hi Connie, I just ordered one of your tshirts. I saw that you were putting in an order for them tomorrow so did not want to hold you up. Can't wait to see it and to follow you on your journey to little K.

Connie Johnson said...

Thank you, Wendy! I hope you love the tee!!!

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