Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kampaign for Baby K!

Isn't it incredible how swiftly our priorities are shifted in the face of tragedy?
It tends to reveal our motives and character - yikes!
It's also a reminder that despite our plans, God's are the ones that prevail.
Apart from Him, we have no good thing.
Only things eternal are lasting; all else fades away.

That is exactly why we are running the race to bring our boy home from China!
He has some medical issues that will need to be addressed immediately, but his greatest need is a family who will love him unconditionally and teach him about a Father who has loved him from the beginning of time.

In our many discussions with the Lord before we said yes to this incredible journey, we asked Him to rain down His provision for the costly process...and He has done just that!  We are so humbled and thankful for the ways He touches the hearts of His people.

Our experience has been that it truly does take a village to raise a child...and it also takes the body of Christ to bring him home from another country.  If you'd like to partner with us in this journey to bring Baby K home, we have two immediate needs: 

 ~ Our son's health.  His diagnosis is HIE, basically a stroke or lack of oxygen neonatally.  With love, nurture and proper medical care, we believe he will progress quickly. 
~ His transition into our family.  The joy of bringing him into our family bears the reality that he has already experienced loss and brokenness in his young life.
~ That we would rely on the Father and draw attention to Him alone.  We just want to glorify Him as we enter each phase of the journey, continuing through our son's homecoming and until we draw our last breath.

~ That God would draw hearts to Himself.  When we committed to bring our little guy home, we took a leap of faith that the Lord would provide all we need for the process.  We are committed to working hard, recognizing that all good things come from the Lord and the first fruits are due Him! 

The entire process will cost roughly $34,000.  We have already been able to pay over $6,000 toward our first agency and home study fee, leaving only $1000 to go before our home study is completed in the next few weeks!

In addition to working our 'normal' jobs, we will be fundraising to raise the necessary dollars to bring our son home. Maybe you don't really want a decal, a t-shirt or to enter a drawing, but the Lord is leading you to sow into our journey.  We never take these gifts for granted!  We constantly praise God for who He is and all He has done.  After all, He took two wretched sinners and totally transformed our hearts.  We want our hearts to beat in tandem with His, causing us to respond in love and obedience.   

If the Lord so leads you to give, we have set up a "Donate" button in the right sidebar of this blog.  We don't want this journey to be about money; we want it to be about a God who does extraordinary things through ordinary people, like YOU and ME!



Dazzled and Frazzled said...

Hello! I had a question about the shirts. Is the adult classic tee a woman's shirt or a generic t-shirt? I'm trying to decide which size would fit best.

I really enjoy your blog, and actually, I go to church with Caitlin and Kuyler. I'm so happy for them! I've known her family for a long time.


Connie Johnson said...

Hi, Mary! So good to know you! The classic fit is also a woman's tee, not a unisex. Hope that helps you. Many blessings to you!

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