Friday, January 17, 2014

Some Things

What things shake you to the very core?
The thought of hurting children is one of those things for me.
This picture, tucked in a newsletter I receive every month, is a depiction of how desperately some of our children cling to their first mamas.
Some children were whisked away from their birth mama immediately upon entering this world, yet they may struggle with the loss forever.
Some children spent a short time with their birth mama; some spent much more time, maybe in decent circumstances, maybe in horrible circumstances.
Some heal quickly; some heal over time; some never overcome the loss.
No matter what a child's most obvious need may be, his greatest need is to be loved.  

When asked, "Why would you adopt?" I can only respond, "Why would we not?"
Or, "How could you adopt?" I would say, "How could we not?"
I wish that love poured lavishly is all it would take for our broken and hurting children to be whole again.  For some, it will never be enough to break the chains of loss and trauma.
For certain, we will never know if we don't try!
What will we do, church?

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