Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Arise, Church!

As a mom of many, who all too often falls prey to self-pity and the fleshly desire for comfort, I am reminded of the Gospel of Christ.  Thank you, Bill, for sharing from an adult adoptee's perspective ~ 

Stinky Tofu and Other Things

"We spent a wonderful year with this family, growing, learning, and being loved.  After a year, our biological family’s rights were terminated and we were placed for adoption.  My foster parents asked if the three of us would be adopted together or if we would be broken up into multiple families.  When they were told that we would probably be broken up, my foster parents, ages 60 and 64, said they could not let that happen, and they chose to adopt us.  
They chose us.  They loved us.  They wanted us.  Thirty years, and I remember this."

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