Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Two Weeks Home and Shining

Be forewarned, this post is loaded with pictures.  I decided to post more than just Khloie pix.  After all, she is part of a large Krowd :)

Why not start with the silliest...
Khloie's transition has been one of the most pleasant of all our Treasures.  That's really the best way to describe it ~ pleasant.  She's slept all night long from the day we first held her; she's only upset when she's hungry, tired or her personal space is invaded.  She smiles at everyone who speaks to her, and she is crazy about her mama :)  What more to say???
We baked chocolate chip cookies for the weekend, and she swiped the chips.
 Girlfriend is serious about her food.

She's gone from zero to ninety in 4 weeks!  She was on formula, and now she eats table food without hesitation to return what doesn't suit her.

She loves playing with her sisters.

Did I mention how pleasant she is?
Kuyler's friend William (Billbo) visited for Easter weekend!  Hey, Billbo!

On our way to church, Easter Sunday
The home Krowd.  Don't let the sweet faces fool you ~ these 3 make sure I get n.o.t.h.i.n.g done!

We've spent time at the ball field...

...watching Kenzie do her thing!
Kinley Grace, Miss Personality.

Kuyler and Billbo took the boys to the field for target practice.  Safety first, of course.  Kaeleb was in heaven!

 Cool shot of Kuyler
 Kolton Tee, I have no pictures of you...again!
Dad doing the feeding thing
 Mom doing the feeding thing...again.
Surprise, a recipe!

I tried this Crispy Cheddar Chicken Tenders recipe, and it's a keeper.  Get it here!

Khloie is forming such a healthy attachment.  She's appropriately distant but not freaked out by people.  She still prefers Mama over Daddy, but that will level out soon.  I can tell from her diapers she probably has a milk allergy, so she's getting soy milk now.  

We've had our first of 6,000 or so post-placement visits, and her progress is incredible.  She's spent countless hours in all-day doctor's appointments with little to no complaining.  I'm telling ya', the girl is a rockstar!


MamaV said...

She is SOOOO cute! I love the Easter outfits.

I am interested to hear a medical update; it sounded like you weren't sure how she was medically before the adoption, and if you don't mind sharing, I would love to hear what you have found out about her condition.

Love, Virginia

likeschocolate said...

So happy that miss Kholie is fitting in so well! She is very adorable!

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