Monday, May 28, 2012

Growing Things

This weekend has been rather unremarkable for us. We can't venture far from home for now till eternity because Mr. Greenthumb is planting corn. So we do what we can to entertain ourselves.

Kenzie bakes yummilicious treats! (and if we keep eating like this we'll all be growing!)

This year's crop looks amazing, thank You, Jesus! The early plantings are already starting to tassel, which means ... bugs. So Mr. Greenthumb is extra busy planting, watering, fertilizing and now eradicating sweet corn enemy #1.
Well, this one just speaks for itself :)
And I can't even put into words how excited I am about the potty training efforts! No accidents for 2 days, no more timer, no more plastic pants! And just over a week ago the doctor told us she wouldn't have normal bladder or bowel function...
...but that's not the plan of The Great Physician!
I'm not so naive to believe she may never have problems with this, but for now we celebrate one miracle at a time.


Marie said...

Beautiful pictures! Praying that your corn grows and produces abundantly.
I could laugh out loud when I hear stories of God's miracles. So thankful that Kasidi is doing so well!
PS: Everytime my kids see a picture of her they comment that she looks like our little Raina. :)

Jolene said...

Praise God for a bountiful harvest! Praying for it to be completed without concern!

Here in our area of the Midwest we have sustained a lot of frost damage thanks to our 87* March. Crazy weather this winter and spring!

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