Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter 5 Years Ago ~ Hello, Kambry Hope!

One the best Easters for our family was a true celebration of new life. Kambry Hope had been placed in our arms just days before. It was strange being away from our other children, family and church family on Easter, but it was a tangible picture of redemption, and the years that have followed have been filled with revelation.

Lord, I praise You for letting me be Mommy to this beautiful little girl.
Within hours she was giggling!
Teaching Mama how to survive with one hand.
This is my favorite picture of that era! We call it "Meltdown." Everyone who knows Kambry Hope knows she has an ornery side.
Lord, You are so good to me! It would be enough that You've overcome death once and for all...but You bless me in this life too!!!

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