Friday, February 24, 2012

Rally the Troops!

I was thinking of blogging about random things today...and then I read my friend Jean's blog.

Funny how things can turn our plans upside down. Oh, but to remember that nothing takes the Lord by surprise!


This is Abby. She and her brother came home in December. Abby's mommy and daddy knew she had a potentially serious medical diagnosis before she came home. She has had lots of visits to the doctor in the short time she's been home.

Yesterday it was confirmed that Abby has a form of leukemia. You can read Jean's post here.

Friends, will you please pray for Abby and her family! And let's praise the Father for Who He is! He has brought this precious Treasure home where she will receive the medical care and love that she needs. He is mighty to save!
Lord, I thank You that nothing catches You off guard and nothing is too big for You!


Treasures Evermore said...


Jean said...

Thank you Connie!!
Thank you so much!

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