Sunday, December 12, 2010

Open Hands

Know what I love about this picture?
It's the way we want to live our lives. Oh, we don't always succeed. But God's mercies are renewed each morning!
It also represents something else. It's a picture of the way people treat our family. People like you!
The picture represents an attitude of giving, a heart of generosity, a spirit of being filled and pouring out.
We are constantly amazed at God's provision! Yes, we're committed to work hard to raise the adoption funds we need to bring Kasidi Joy home, but we know that without the Lord, our efforts are futile!
Occasionally in the process we get little surprises, reminders that God is working behind the scenes all the time!
Last week a beautiful woman from our church, recently widowed, made her check out for her poinsettia...for $80 extra!
Last week a friend sent a check in the mail. She needed 3 specific Wild Olive tees that weren't part of the adoption she gave us what we would've made if they had been!
Last night my brother made out his poinsettia check...for $5 more!
This morning our church treasurer handed us an anonymous gift...of $400!
This morning a friend wrote out a check for squeaky shoes...for $70 extra!
These kinds of surprises have been happening throughout this process. We never expect them, but we see Jesus in every one of them!
Thank YOU for loving this Krew!!!


Jodi said...

Amen!! And we love y'all but not nearly as much as God does! He is sufficient for me! :)

Treasures Evermore said...

That is wonderful how God always provides when we need it. We our selves are seeing God providing for our adoption in ways we never thought possible. He has opened hearts of people that we thought for sure were not open to this is NOT our first, and always wondered if they thought we were crazy. But we are seeing miracle after miracle of God using His people to bring children into forever families.

Praising God with you.

Rebekah said...

Precious picture, and, yes, God is awesome! It is amazing to me to see the generousity of people when God is moving in their hearts!

Congratulations on DTC!

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