Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday in Review

Not too exciting, but a different kinda day.
The dad, the mom and two helpers made the trek to pick up the poinsettias. Thank ya'll for ordering them!
Since we had no basketball tonight (we'll make up for it tomorrow!) we had friends over, which called for manicures...
...a teen to marinate the ribs...
...a daddy to grill the ribs...
...a chance to learn a 'new-fangled' game - kick the can!
Rally the troops - it's chow time!
Let us praise God for this day!
Mama's little man has a bad cold and was confined to the couch :(
Now that I think about it, there is one bit of exciting news ~ our dossier went to the consulate today, and soon it will go to China!!!


Jodi said...

Just a wee bit of exciting news!!! Yahoo!!!
Poor kaleb!!!!

By the way, our bedrooms are re-arranged and we have plenty of beds for any of your krew when you go to China! :-)

Treasures Evermore said...

What exciting news. Praying that everything moves swiftly for your adoption.

Beautiful family...looks like everyone was having fun.

Kathy said...

That is exciting news! Yeah!
I know ours arrived at the consulate
today. They called around six this evening
to ask me a question! Our paperwork has
moved so fast this time. We were fingerprinted
the day before Thanksgiving and received our
approval in the mail Monday afternoon! We
couldn't believe it!

Anita said...

YAY on the dossier to the consulate!! EXCITING! And poor Kaeleb...hope he gets feeling better SOON!! Hugs to your krew!!

Erica said...

Give Kaleb hugs for me!! I am so happy for you guys....miss you tons! One Step closer!

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