Friday, July 23, 2010

Freezing Fresh Sweet Corn

I finally seized had a chance to put up some corn today ~ 2 bags, to be exact! Since I was asked, I will share how I preserve our corn in the freezer.
First, gather supplies:
Quart-size freezer bags
Large boiling pot
Knife or corn scraper
Trays or containers to hold corn
Lots of help if you can find it :)
Next, husk the corn and break off dry tip
Then, wash the corn to remove silk (it's nearly impossible to remove all of it!)
Then, I only blanch the corn for 2 minutes because it's so tender. Be prepared to remove from the pot quickly into the strainer.
Place the blanched corn into a sink full of ice water. (I put it into cold water first, then into ice water.) Only leave in the water long enough to cool the corn or it may become tough.
Then, we cut the corn off the cob with a knife. The scraper takes too long and is hard to get around these large ears!
Once we start cutting, we begin bagging...and bagging...
...and bagging. We made 28 quart size bags from two bushels of corn.
***If you like to freeze the ears for corn on the cob, you need gallon size freezer bags. (How I wish I'd had some of those at this point!)

And suddenly, my help disappeared when it was time to clean up the sticky mess!
***Another freezing method we've tried is to leave the corn in the husk and place a meal portion in a brown paper bag, then freeze. If you have the space, it's a quick way to preserve your fresh corn for grilling later! Just remove from the paper bag and place in cold water till it's thawed...and grill away!


Lori said...

Oh my stars, that's a lot of work! LOL. But SO YUMMY when you eat it in mid-February!


Wife of the Pres. said...


We didn't get any corn frozen this year as our China trip and the ensuing *stuff* took precedence. Oh how we're going to miss that frozen peaches n cream corn this winter. :( Maybe we'll look for some local corn. Ours is all done. :((( Of course, we live on an acre and have about 3 rows of corn. I can't imagine harvesting your harvest!

Thanks for your honesty too btw!

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