Saturday, November 28, 2009

Random Slices of Thankfulness

Cousins who love babies (even the ones who climb, punch, tickle...)

Outdoor games with sibs.
Big brothers.
Adorable boys who love their Mama.
Beautiful girls.
Walks in teh country.
More cousins and wrestling. Brave cousins who open their home to this Krew (thank you, Sue!)
Andy - you rock!

What'd I tell ya!

Awesome Daddies.

Christina - you rock too!
Biggest brothers who come home and spend time with sibs.
This couch, a gift from friends and the symbol of a growing family. Andy and 'Mistina', you have become family!
Fun sisters.
Cool brothers.
Family workouts.

Family movie time. Those are my Babies!!!


Adeye said...

How amazingly GOOD He has been to you, my friend. What sweet family memories you are making.

LOVE the pics.

TanyaLea said...

I love random photo posts!...the pictures often say more than words. And this one screams great times with family!! :)

Blessings and Hugs to you and yours this Holiday Season! <><

love ya,

Tim said...

Kaeleb has grown so much I hardly recognize him.

Then again so has Tian.

So nice to see one big happy family.

hollym. said...

Fabulous pics Connie. LOVE seeing your family together!

Caution: FUN TIMES AHEAD!!:)

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