Monday, July 21, 2008

We're still here ...

... just a little busy. No sleeping in these days!

We've been harvesting sweet corn for almost a week now.
Constantly on the phone taking orders, then doing bookwork. No time off :)

We even get the friends involved. Ya' don't want to stay overnight at the Johnson's, huh, Kaylee!

There's the pastor. We surely need his prayers! We enjoy his company too.
Sorting the premium from the second rate corn.
You need how many bags???
Oh no, there comes Dad with another load, better get movin'!
Um, yeah, that's Kolton driving the Cotton Candy pickup. He's moving the trailer for Dad to bring another load in.
Beautiful corn in many stages.
Untying bags
Dad's a little tired!
In addition to our first week of corn harvest, we had Bible School every evening from 6 to 9, and here's Kambry in her groove with the 5th and 6th graders.
And did I mention we had a photo appointment last Saturday? I don't know how everyone else does it, but this is how I envision what 8 people will look like in the picture.
It's been a bountiful week! I didn't realize just how therapeutic blogging is for me, but I sure have missed it. So, here's a general idea of corn harvest. Dad's up at 4 and in the field picking corn by 5. The crew is up by 5 and in the field sorting and bagging by 6. Mom and the 3 little kids are in the field before 8 to sell to locals, fill orders, do more bookwork and be ready to follow the trailer to the sales location for that day. Once we get to the location, we honor all pre-orders first, then sell what's left. We're usually sold out in less than an hour. For my sanity and their safety, Kayden, Kambry and Kaeleb remain in their carseats watching a movie the whole time! There are so many good things going on that I can't wait to share them all, so until next time ...
My motto, especially when dealing with the public ~ 1 Cor. 16:14
Do everything in love.


C&A said...

So cool-My husband wants to move to a 500 acre farm for the last two years now-it's hard work!!

Howard and Kim said...

Yep. We've missed you!! Sounds like a bountiful harvest sent from God! Wish we lived closer, I'd help you sell, and I might even purchase a little... :)

Love you!!

Kitty said...

Wish I could have some of that corn!!

Debbie said...

You sound like you are very busy, but very BLESSED!!!

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