Friday, July 11, 2008

Corn pickin' time

Twas the eve before sweet corn and all through the day,
The phone had been ringing (for a month anyway).
I, in my PJs, would answer, and they’d say,
“You got sweet corn today?”
“It’s coming soon, but sorry, not in June.”
We’ve hung our hat on the harvest, once and for all,
See, Kuyler’s going back to college this fall.
Kolton wants a four-wheeler, shiny and blue.
Kenzie, she wants one too (ha!)
The little ones, they just need shoes.
Daddy wants to make sure the notes are paid.
Mommy would settle for a maid :)
As if I have nothing better to do,
I’m writing silly poems to you.
We needed a laugh,
And this is the best I can do.
We’ll be quite busy, the next week or six.
To God be the glory for the corn we're about to pick!


Pam said...

Oooh! Wish I could have some of your sweet corn. YUM!! ;O)

Mark and Lori said...

That is just what I needed today to make me smile! Here's to a bountiful harvest!!

Kitty said...

Send some sweet corn our way,too!!!!

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