Saturday, June 28, 2008

Went to Falls Creek and Survived to tell about it!

Yeah, that's last Monday, BEFORE a week of Falls Creek!
Kaeleb did awesome! He fell asleep during our 10 p.m. devotions and slept through the 2 a.m. praises!
Life of the party
Playing Hacky - not so good!
Ready for evening Tabernacle
What an amazing group of students, cooks and sponsors!
Taking a hike to Devil's Bathtub
Enjoying the refreshing water after the uphill journey

Then to the Icee stand!
Then a shower and very long nap!
and that's where Kaeleb and I are going ~ to bed! Daddy is on his way to Kansas to pick up the kids! It was a Spirit-filled, awesome, exhausting week! What an awesome God we serve! Praise Him for speaking in a huge way!

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Kitty said...

Love your haircut!!!!

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