Friday, June 6, 2008

Another week gone by

Ummm, yeah, are you supposed to be in there?
Kolton's camp football team. My star is fourth from the left on the bottom row, with Coach Stoops behind him.
Ready to leave the dorm.
Some day, Little Man, some day.
Walking to the car, enjoying the sunshine.
Ahhh, Sissy and Bubba
Ya' think he's tired?!?
My sweet funny girl
I can't believe Kaeleb's been home over two months now and next week we'll celebrate his 2nd birthday! I wonder if now when I respond to the question, "How old are your kids?" by saying, "From 19 to two two-year-olds" instead of , "From 19 to two one-year-olds," people's reaction will change - LOL! Kaeleb is doing so well that Clayton and I remind ourselves occasionally we still have the potential to send him into lifelong therapy if we're not careful. Either God has given us a more relaxed approach to parenting at the 'mature' age of +40 or He knows we can't handle much trauma these days :) Either way, all is well!

Clayton is almost finished planting the sweet corn, and the melons and canteloupe are vining already. We should start harvesting in 5 to 6 weeks!

This week Kolton went to football agility camp at OU and bunked across the street from Kuyler's dorm. We picked him up Tuesday afternoon, and he was just a little tired. We then rushed back for the second game of Kenzie's double header.
Saturday evening we are going to the park for a picnic with the area adoptive families and are looking forward to meeting the newest arrivals and spending time in fellowship with the families. Surely there will be a few good pix to share :) Have a blessed weekend!

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