Sunday, October 14, 2007

How much can we do in one week?

What a week this has been! We gathered, priced and organized items for our garage sale Wednesday and Thursday, opened the sale Friday morning, watched high school football Friday night, hosted a 5th quarter, reopened the sale Saturday morning, tore it down and hauled off the leftovers, attended a Moon Festival party, then church and a birthday party Sunday.

We're exhausted.
Kayden and Kambry fell asleep during the 5th Quarter. The garage sale exceeded our expectations! We are so grateful to all who have invested so much into bringing our little guy home. Many of our church family donated items, have prayed for and encouraged us. And my hat's off to AM and LS for the countless hours you spent putting this thing together, loading, unloading, pricing, folding, sorting and on and on! Even though we've faced some obstacles, each one has been overcome and followed by God's provision and affirmation. We can't wait to see what He's going to do next ... maybe bring our PA this week???

Here are a few random shots from the week.
My sweet girls
Picking flowers for Mom


Chelley said...

From a lot of hard work comes many blessings

they come in ways we see and ways we dont....

but touch so many peoples hearts...

Christy said...

Busy weekend!! Your kids are so darn cute. Love the pics!!

Christy :)

Sherri said...


I saw your blog on Lifeline's group...I am one of the ones (I'm sure there were many) who prayed for "Jack" to find his family!

You will LOVE Lifeline. We did both of our adoptions with them. There are no surprises.



Sherri said...

I love the international adoption do I get some?


Howard and Kim said...

I love reading of how the Lord is blessing this journey you are on, and you know I love the photos... :)

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