Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Travel is in Sight...and a Giveaway!

So, here's where we are!  We have received provisional approval, and it has been cabled to the US Consulate in China!  Once the Consulate issues what's called an Article 5, it will be picked up and expressed to Beijing where the CCCWA will process our Travel Approval!

In English, please?

Okay.  We could/should travel in 6 weeks!  As in mid-May, right after school is out!

So, although we've been working like crazy and have been so blessed by surprise gifts, we are still oh.so.short of the funds we need.  As in, $26k short.  There, I said it.  We trust the Lord's provision completely.  We are praying about a few fundraisers we may try in April.

In the meantime, my friend Ginna is hosting a giveaway for our matching grant!
It is an awesome package, including: 
 Tieks Shoes - donated by Troy & Ginna Hulett
Pretty tunic - donated by Mackenzie & Elise (FB group)
And this pretty necklace - donated by Kristin at ViBella Jewelry

We are so humbled and grateful for each of these donors!

So, how does it work?

  Everyone who gives toward our Lifesong/Karis matching grant between now and April 10th  will be entered in a drawing for this package gift!  That's it!

Just go to Lifesong's site and select "Give to an adoptive family."
Then, complete the donor form, and under the "Family Account Number" section, put 5903, and "Family Name," put Johnson.

You can either leave a comment or send a message to let us know you've given...or we can simply check our funding page.  

There are so many cool things about this:
* Your gift is tax deductible
* Your gift will be doubled due to the matching grant
* You will be investing in the life of a child

We are so humbled that God would lead us on this journey to our son, and we are excited to hold him in a few weeks!  Thank you for your prayers and your gifts!



Brandy said...

Have you requested a donation waiver? If they say yes, it is a big help. We were blessed this way on our Chinese adoptions last month. Contact me if you have questions.

Connie J said...

Brandy, we have not requested that, but thank you!

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