Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Day 1 at Gillette

What an amazing day!  We met our personal taxi driver at 9.  That's right, we've got our own taxi driver :)  Kamish drove us from the airport yesterday, and once he learned why we were here, he offered to drive us to all our appointments and back for a flat rate!

So we loaded into his van, and after putting my back out lifting Kasidi into her seat, we headed to our first set of appointments. 

First, after Katie took all sorts of measurements, Kasidi walked for the special cameras.

Next, Katie and Nancy attached sensors for the special video equipment to record Kasidi's movement.

Katie told me to be sure and use my flash so it would pick up the bedazzle!

Lastly, Kasidi chose a movie to watch for 10 minutes while her resting energy level was recorded.

Then, Kasidi, Katie, Daddy and Too took a 6-minute walk to measure her energy use under exertion.

After working hard all morning, Kas had a short break for oatmeal from the coffee shop, and then Kamish drove us to the Burnsville clinic to see physical therapy.

Again, she worked super hard, and did everything asked of her.

So when she asked for rice noodles for an early supper, rice noodles it was!

Tomorrow we return to the Burnsville clinic for x-rays and to meet the team of neurosurgery, PT and physiatry to get the results of the tests and their recommendation for treatment.

And then we will process all we've learned as we fly home...

Thank you for praying!

1 comment:

MamaV said...

It's so awesome that she is co-operating so well! I can imagine that not every child is willing to "perform" under these circumstances!

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