Wednesday, October 21, 2015

She's a Winner...and a Champion

We drew for the smart watch giveaway October 15, notified the winner, and received an unbelievable reply!

First, we are so thankful for everyone who shared and contributed to our fundraiser.  When we said yes to bringing our precious son home, we were depending 100% on the Lord to provide the funds for the adoption costs.  A lot has happened since then, but our faith hasn't wavered.  God is good, all.the.time!

We are committed to work from sunup to dark-thirty, fundraise till the cows come home, and pray unceasingly to get our little guy home.

When we hold a fundraiser/giveaway, we are always always prepared to order the item from Am*zon and ship it directly to the winner!  So please know that when a winner chooses to pay it forward by donating it back, we are always always surprised and blown away!

All that to say, when we drew SAMANTHA'S name, I sent her this message: 
You won the watch! Congratulations! I need to know if you'd like the Apple or Galaxy and your shipping address😀

I was surprised to receive her reply:

I am going to try to sell it and give you the money.


We had a long conversation, and in the end she paid it forward, meaning that we now have another $450 to apply to our adoption costs!

Thank you, Samantha! You are a rock star!

As always:


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