Friday, May 1, 2015

Completely Full!

I think we had one day on our May calendar that was blank, and will now be spent at the 2A State Softball Tournament!
Our Lady Devils took Regionals yesterday, and we're just a little excited!

We had the honor of hosting districts last week, and took the W!

Remember that selfie stick she got in China :)
It's sorta like the team mascot now :)
 I'm so happy for these two hard-working seniors!
Naturally, we were pretty pumped when we got to host regionals too!
And finished it up with two wins!

It's all about the team!

See you at State next Tuesday!

May the Lord be glorified!!!


Laurel said...


We LOVE supporting our kids on their sports teams!

We used to have boys in football and baseball;
though this younger crew focuses on track and cross country.

I think we've had kids go to State in track for the past 6 years, with one son taking First in State with his 4x4 Relay Team two years in a row. Hoping our Senior will finish off with a trip to State this year.

love & hugs,

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Congratulations to your daughter!

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