Monday, February 16, 2015

TA, CA and Three Weeks From Today...

Three weeks from TODAY Kohlby will be in our arms!  Forever our son.  Orphaned no more.  Chosen.  Loved.

YOU have played a huge part in helping us bring him home!  Friends, family members, church family, long-distance-friends-whom-we've-never-met ~ you have prayed for us, encouraged us and given toward our fundraising.  

This is hopefully our very last fundraiser, at least for our family.  Ever.  I hope.  
Next week we will have to ship all the artisan bracelets that are not purchased back to the Apparent Project.  I would rather send them a check for ALL the bracelets, plus 10% of ALL the proceeds raised.
With nearly 100 left, that's plenty to go around!
My girls are wearing them; the basketball team is wearing them, and many of you are wearing them.
 Each one is unique.
And beautiful.
 And with purpose!
 Each one helps two!  A family in Haiti and our family. 
 We are several thousand dollars from our goal.  We know without a doubt that God will provide exactly what we need.  Exactly.  
If you've been waiting to order your bracelet(s), now is the time.  And it's so simple.
YOU decide how many you want.
YOU decide how much you'd like to give.
Use the PayPal button in the right-hand corner of this blog, and when you check out make sure you've included your address and the number of bracelets you'd like.
If you don't like PayPal, please email me.

*For viewing on mobile devices, please scroll down to "View Web Version", click on that, and then the PayPal button will appear*

Thank YOU, and to GOD be all glory!

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