Friday, September 5, 2014


It may be in the upper 90s, but fall really is around the corner!
For several years our family has partnered with a nursery to get beautiful mums and offer them to you!

We will have a trailer load by September 15th!

They typically have huge buds but have not bloomed when we get them, saving the beautiful blooming flowers for you!
 (yellow, white, deep red and bronze)

Yellow typically blooms first, and the bronze variety (including orange and rust), are last to bloom.

At this point we can get practically any color you want!  We will have yellow, white, deep red and bronze, and if you'd like another color, just let us know before September 15!
2014 Mums
In two-gallon containers
$15 each
You get a beautiful plant, and you help us bring Kohlby home!

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