Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wedding Bells!

I am so blessed to have witnessed an absolute Christ-centered wedding ceremony!
And as the mother of the groom, I am doubly blessed!
The marriage of my child is bittersweet.
It marks the end of the era of his being 'mine' (although he has always belonged to the Lord).
And it marks the beginning of a beautiful lifelong covenant with his bride, who is lovely both inside and out.
I don't have any 'official' photos yet, and I didn't take any once the ceremony began because I didn't want to miss a single moment.  But here are a few shots captured on the glorious day~
The couple

Cutting the cake

Flower girls' dresses, shoes and bows (thank you, Tina!)

On our way to the ceremony...early, I might add!
*this is the only picture I have of the men of the family because they spent most of their time with the groom*
Kambry Hope

Kinley Grace

Khloie Nicole

Kasidi Joy

Kenzie LeAnne

Kambry and Kennah Janae


Kayden Faith

Be still, my heart.
Kayden wanted to take a picture of us so she told the girls to crowd in, and this is what they did!

Gorgeous little ladies

I was truly humbled.
We decided to prepare and serve the rehearsal dinner ourselves.
Seemed easy enough for 50 people.
I've never made so much alfredo in my life.
But thanks to an amazing church member who stepped in to serve, we pulled it off!
I love this couple, and I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for their lifetime together!


1 comment:

Joy Altman said...

Absolutely beautiful! LOVE the girls' dresses! So happy for you all. :)

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