Monday, November 18, 2013

Hurry Up...and Slow Down!

It's mid November, in case you're like me and have been too busy to stop and look at the calendar!

Our fall schedule has revolved around football, medical appointments, loads of homework, trying new soup recipes, attempting to keep the structure that wards off chaos, and looking for any opportunity to make everything fun.

I snagged a few of my favorite pix from my phone, and I wish they were all perfectly focused...but I usually have 1.2 nanoseconds to get the shot, good or not.  Nonetheless, they are great memories!

Biggest sister Kenzie with littlest sister Khloie 

Playoffs, Kolton Tee's last football game.

The Fan Klub!

What to do when Mom forgets the sticks for caramel apples?  Easy peasy, use chopsticks!

I love it when the kids get off the bus and say, "Ohhhh, Mom's making candles!"

Daddy makes everything fun, even Kasidi's physical therapy!

We have 3 more kiddos who can now see the chalkboard, thanks to glasses!

We rock early morning doctor appointments!

Sunday Kenzie sang a song that touched my heart so!  God has truly gifted her!  Shhh, don't tell her I posted it ~
(it's blurry for a few seconds in the beginning, probably my camera focusing with all the kiddos hanging on my arms)

What are you up to this fall?


Mrs. U said...

Hi Connie!!
PLEASE share how you have so much energy!!! So many moms I know are talking about being down and depessed at our age and here you are running circles around everyone! And always cheerful to boot!!! Please!! Share what you do!!!


connie said...

Hi, Shari! So good to hear from you again! Friend, I have no secret formula; I just have to keep moving or I'll get run over in the flow :) The 5 biggest things I do are:
1) spend early mornings in the Word
2) workout with hubby in the mornings
3) *try* to watch what I eat and prepare nutritious meals
4) make *time* a priority, knowing when to say 'no'
5) keep life as simple and decluttered as possible
See, nothing big. Be blessed, friend!

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