Monday, August 19, 2013

Mama Talk!

Friday I had the privilege of meeting a bloggy friend (and prayer warrior) in person!

Many of you know Laurel from Our Journey of Faith.
I found Laurel's blog a few years ago when we were going through a rough patch in adoption.  Laurel is so transparent, and her blog is a haven for families needing prayer, seeking advice from someone who's been.there.done.that. or just needing the assurance they are not alone.

I've also had the privilege of getting to know her better on our recent fitness journey, and I can tell you, she is quite an inspiration and a beauty inside and out!!!

Laurel and four of her Treasures stopped for a much-too-short visit as they traveled through our state.  I look forward to our next visit where we will pick up right where we left off!


Mama Ds Dozen said...

We were truly BLESSED to spend a bit of time with you!

THANK YOU for your most gracious hospitality as we invaded your home at a very late hour . . . as you were in the midst of your overwhelming corn harvest.

Love & Hugs!

Laurel :)

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

What a blessing to have this friend not just virtual, but in real life.

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