Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day (and recovery)

What a day! We watched a little (maybe a lot) of Dora and Kai Lan.
Rode the four wheeler
Spent time in the Naughty Spot (puleeeeze, it was only 2 minutes!)

Played Yahtzee - which Kayden won!

Made a double batch of sugar cookies!

Thank you, Daddy, for finishing the frosting project. Mom was shot!

And today the big kids went back to school and we recovered ;-)
We drew pictures.

Cinderella did her chores ;-)

And look who's wearing panties! Yes, snow days are good for potty training.

And Mom needed some 'help' in the office.

We had a great snow day, and today I'm doing all the extra outerwear laundry! Yesterday I also applied for an adoption grant with Shaohannah's Hope , read a little and made soup - awesome day! I've changed my strategy on potty training. I really thought Kaeleb and Kambry would train well as a team ... and then I remembered they are two! I thought they would influence each other in a positive way ... and then I remembered they are two! I thought it would go quicker and smoother ... and then I remembered they are two! I thought they'd be enticed by adorable undies and gummy bears ... and then I remembered they are two! I have to face it - as a team of two-year-olds they can whip up on this mom so I'm going to take them on one at a time. Kambry hasn't had an accident in 36 hours! Her favorite bathroom sayings are, "I turn da light," and "You hear dat?" Whatever it takes, just give me a reason to flush ... and stop buying two cases of diapers at a time ;-) And did I mention our I-800 has been at CIS for five days?!?


Barb said...

Aren't snow days fun? We've had two days of it and totally enjoying it with the kids! Well...until we went to the eye doc today and spent a few hundred dollars to get glasses for CC. All 4 of us now wear glasses, yuk!

Laughing at your picture of Kaeleb on the naughty spot. Kai has a naughty spot too but we changed it a while ago because he got naughty while on the naughty spot. Something to do with baby powder all over the room. Kind of looked like the snowy outside but it was inside.

Enjoy reading your blog and seeing pics of your kids. They are all great! Don't know how your energy level stays up. Totally admire you. Barb

The Ferrill's said...

Hey Connie!!!!!!!
I'm catching up on your fun little family! Snow days huh? Connie, it got up to 70 here in Alabama yesterday, and now today it's back down in the 30's! Talk about everyone having a chronic sniffle!
I love reading about your days. I love Yahtzee too. We do not have that game. I think we have every other game ever made, because we love games, but not yahtzee! What in the world! I forgot about yahtzee! Tonight we have Hi Ho Cheerio, CandyLand, and Clue on the books to play. Got to reach all the age ranges around here!
I pray you will receive a grant from S.H. And yay for your 1-800 being at CIS!!!!!!!
And yay for potty training!
And yay for soup and cookie making days!
And yay for adopting more children!

Andrea said...

praying you get that grant!


holly m. said...

Hey Connie!!
Glad to hear potty training with your peachy girl is going well! I was actually going to suggest one baby at a time a few posts back, (because I would have been going nutty after the first day myself!) but then just knew that you'd figure out what strategy(sp?) would work best for you! Anyhoo...way to go!!:)
You da Momma!!

Jodi said...

aren't snow days the best!!!
praying for the grant!

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