Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Poem by a "Pondering" Mommy

I want to share this beautiful poem written by an adoptive mommy who, in the quietest moments, listens to her heart. It expresses so much of what we felt before we surrendered to God's call to adopt when we had nothing but our faith to proceed.

Heart Vs. Head
I watch her chest rise and fall
Sweet peace and sleep drift over her
Dark hair peeking from under the blanket
She's finally here and my heart has never known
Such love...yet...
Something whispers softly in the wind
Another small one...far away...
Soft, rhythmic breaths from a palate or crib
Arms and eyes that wait for a forever Mom
Ridiculous! My head says...No time...No money...No way!!
Three small ones under the age of five...
Mama...mama...mama...all day.
Chaos reigns in our house...Side by side with joy.
Rapturous! My heart says...The feeling of that little hand in yours...
With each beat it tells me
You can do "all things" when loveLights the way.


Kim S said...

The picture of Kambry is just darling! I love the poem as it is what goes through my head and heart every time I look at a waiting child list.

Anonymous said...


I bought one of your decals and love it. Jennifer from myadoptionwebsite visited me and loved it. The only way I could find you again was through RQ-luck. I can't get to your decals from the picture on your blog nor can I find a contact me? I may be missing it. Anyway, Jennifer has something going right now where people are sharing their fundraising projects on their main website under Let's Share and she wanted me to tell you about the opportunity. I don't know how much traffic it is getting but it may help! Her e-mail is or just go straight to let's share. My e-mail is

You have a beautiful family!

Leslie in Tn.

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