Sunday, December 26, 2010

Scenes of Christmas

What a beautiful Christmas season we've had!
Kambry was in her first school program.
We got the decorating done with a little teamwork.

We had our annual Hanging of the Green service. Here's the youth group we (and the Muellers) are blessed to lead!

"Silent Night"
Captive audience :)
The construction Krew
Rolling out a little love
The design team

Christmas morning
Do we have to do this soooo early?!?
Now I lay me down to sleep...on a spankin' new pillow.
Top of every girl's list ~ a crock pot????
Or maybe it's a 'mac-aputer with thacebook'!
Like he needs a weapon!
The princess
Another cute noisemaker in the house!

Everybody needs a brick!
Yes, we love the scarf!

One good-looking Krew...just missing Kasidi Joy.
Thank you, Jesus, for being the Reason for the season!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours - Merry CHRISTmas! May you be blessed!
This is the last Christmas Kasidi Joy will spend without her family.
PS - for the first time in 25 years I did not get cards out this year so please don't think we forgot you!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Way To Go, Kenz!!!

Thank ya'll for voting for my girl!
About 4:30 today she was declared the winner of the Kerrie Roberts Cover Song Contest!
To Him be the glory!
This mama is proud of you, Kenzie. Nobody would even know you were sick!
(for some reason you have to let the video load every time :(

Monday, December 20, 2010

Kenzie Entered in Contest!

Please check out the Kerrie Roberts Cover Song Contest here, watch Kenzie's video and 'like' it. The contest ends tomorrow. My girl got all her talent from me ... cuz I got none left -lol!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Goodbye, Last Week; Hello, This Week!

You ever had one of those weeks you couldn't wait to kiss goodbye?!? Oh, I'm very thankful for last week, and I won't take tomorrow for granted, but we just need a new day around these parts.

We had some awesome days, some busy days and some downright hard days. We made a decision that was one of the most difficult of our lives. It wasn't the way we would've chosen, but we believe it is the Lord's answer to us at this time. Still, our hearts are broken.

Don't worry ~ all nine of our Treasures are fine, and so are we. We know for certain that God has taken the ashes of our pain and turned it to beauty for His glory. He is sovereign!

Wherever you are, whatever you're faced with, I pray you can seek the Lord and let Him fill you with peace beyond understanding and restore your hope. May this Christmas be ALL about Christ!
But I trust in your unfailing love;
my heart rejoices in your salvation.
I will sing to the Lord,
for he has been good to me.
Psa 13:5-6

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thursday is the last day!

Thank you to everyone who's ordered Wild Olive tees for our fundraiser. Are they amazing or what?!? But all good things must come to an end, and Thursday, December 17 (tomorrow!) is the last day to help bring Kasidi Joy home AND get a great tee.
Please use our family code when checking out: JOHNSON1119

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stylin', not snobbin'

Yes, today was my 40-sumthin birthday! Thank ya'll for your sweet wishes! For two days there's been a l.o.u.d. rumor around here that a certain gift might be hidden under a bunk bed and I was not to peek!
Lo' and behold, after an early supper my teens appeared with gifts and cards of pinkish color!
Attached to Kooper's card was this huge button ~ #1 MOM!
He insisted I wear it to the school music program tonight, and so I did...
...not because I believe it, but because my family makes me feel it!
(I intended to get a picture with all my Treasures...but this week's schedule is a killer and most of them were already in bed!!! But alas, there will likely be another photo opp because Kooper is not going to let me take this button off ;-)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Open Hands

Know what I love about this picture?
It's the way we want to live our lives. Oh, we don't always succeed. But God's mercies are renewed each morning!
It also represents something else. It's a picture of the way people treat our family. People like you!
The picture represents an attitude of giving, a heart of generosity, a spirit of being filled and pouring out.
We are constantly amazed at God's provision! Yes, we're committed to work hard to raise the adoption funds we need to bring Kasidi Joy home, but we know that without the Lord, our efforts are futile!
Occasionally in the process we get little surprises, reminders that God is working behind the scenes all the time!
Last week a beautiful woman from our church, recently widowed, made her check out for her poinsettia...for $80 extra!
Last week a friend sent a check in the mail. She needed 3 specific Wild Olive tees that weren't part of the adoption she gave us what we would've made if they had been!
Last night my brother made out his poinsettia check...for $5 more!
This morning our church treasurer handed us an anonymous gift...of $400!
This morning a friend wrote out a check for squeaky shoes...for $70 extra!
These kinds of surprises have been happening throughout this process. We never expect them, but we see Jesus in every one of them!
Thank YOU for loving this Krew!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Only 7 More Days!

You can still get in on our Wild Olive tee fundraiser to help bring Kasidi Joy home, but there's only 7 days left! These tees rock! Please use our family code when checking out: JOHNSON1119

Thursday, December 9, 2010

James 1:27 ~ Living Word!

We received some astounding news yesterday! We've applied for four grants, and one program we are really excited about is the "Both Hands" Project through Lifesong For Orphans.

What's so exciting about Both Hands ~ One for the Orphan; One for the Widow is it brings James 1:27 to life! An adoptive family gets the opportunity to select a widow within the community, put together a team of volunteers to commit to send support letters to raise funds for the adoption and coordinate a makeover project for the widow's home!

We are approved for the Both Hands project! Now we are looking for a project supervisor, selecting a widow and putting our team together! It's going to be a long project, and we'll keep you posted. God is so good!

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. James 1:27

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We Can All Make a Difference!

Some very special friends asked us to share our adoption testimony on video. Since I can't sing, I can't dance, and I can't talk about adoption without bawling like a baby, this is the best I could do.
You've seen the pix and heard the music, but I've added text.

Monday, December 6, 2010

30 Days of Giveaways from Ni Hao Y'all

Only ten days left in Stefanie's "30 Days of Giveaways"!
Ni Hao Y'all
She's been giving aways some awesome things! Go check it out!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Seriously, we are less than three weeks from Christmas! Sooooooo, I'm offering a sweet shipping deal. If you order $50 of any of our fundraising items, I will ship them for FREE! Totally zero shipping cost to you!
Whether it's the sweet scent of our K & Kompany Kandles you want...
...duct tape wallets made by our Teen Treasures...
...our large selection of "JOY"ful Squeaky Shoes...
...our adorable hairbows...
...or any combination, just purchase $50 worth, and I will ship for free!

As an added bonus, Wild Olive is offering free shipping from now till December 17 as well, so if you buy tees for our WOT fundraiser, you will also get them shipped free! Please enter our family code: JOHNSON1119 when you check out.
K & KOMPANY KANDLES: Joy ~ Buttercream Crunch
Peace ~ Cinnamon Bun
Kindness ~ Sage & Citrus
Faithfulness ~ Pumpkin Pie Spice
HAIRBOWS: See this post
WALLETS: See this post
SQUEAKY SHOES: See this post
Please leave a comment or email me with your order, and I'll get your items shipped immediately!
It's all about bringing this Treasure home!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday in Review

Not too exciting, but a different kinda day.
The dad, the mom and two helpers made the trek to pick up the poinsettias. Thank ya'll for ordering them!
Since we had no basketball tonight (we'll make up for it tomorrow!) we had friends over, which called for manicures...
...a teen to marinate the ribs...
...a daddy to grill the ribs...
...a chance to learn a 'new-fangled' game - kick the can!
Rally the troops - it's chow time!
Let us praise God for this day!
Mama's little man has a bad cold and was confined to the couch :(
Now that I think about it, there is one bit of exciting news ~ our dossier went to the consulate today, and soon it will go to China!!!

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