Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ripped...or not?

So you won't believe what we've been up to.

A few posts back I shared a typical day with you.
I know that many people rebuke the idea of rising at 4 am, especially to exercise :)
Two things:
1) by 6:45 a.m. there are at least 6, sometimes 12, people awake in this house.
2) there are going to be a lot of people in this place for a long time, and I don't want to sit back and watch them; I want to keep up!

It's not that I'm terribly overweight, but I am definitely out of shape.  I realized the only way that will change is by taking action.  So I made a commitment six weeks ago to do just that.

I have one body, and it is a temple.  I certainly don't treat it as such.

The transformation is kinda slow going because as much as I'd like to think my active lifestyle has made me strong, I'm proven wrong every single morning.

Also, I started another bad habit.  I figured if I'm working out so hard I get to eat more, right?!?  Ummm, not.so.much.  I gained 5 pounds!  No, it's not just that muscle is heavier than fat, okay.  It's the fluff on top of the muscle that makes my clothes too tight!
So I started a new good habit, then a bad habit, and now I'm trying to change the bad one ... again.

I admit that nearly every day that my alarm rings at 4, my body and mind debate whether it's really necessary to get up.  Ultimately, I'm always glad I did.
The first week was h.a.r.d.  There were workouts I couldn't do more than one rep.  Am I seeing progress?  YES!  By the second week I could do more!
I'm now six weeks into it, and although I have a long ways to go, I feel so much better.  Just this week my hubby started the program with me.  I can relate to where he's at :)

So what exactly are we doing?

And shakeology!

I am so committed to fitness that a few weeks after starting P90X I signed on as a coach!
1) It keeps me accountable.
2) I get to help others reach their fitness goals too.
After all, if a 49-year-old working mom to 11 kids can do this, anybody can!
It's very humbling to share the starting point, but it's an amazing journey to the finish!
If you'd like to know more about the program we're  following, please check out my website!
If there's something you're interested in knowing more about, just let me know.
Have a beautiful day!!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Behind the Scenes

It seems my blogging has been sporadic.
I haven't been sitting on my hands.  
I've been putting some new things together,
including this...
My New Kandle Site!

Friday, April 19, 2013

This Week is Dedicated to...

Lady Devils Softball!

They rocked districts, winning the Championship!

These beautiful girls have practically grown up playing ball together!

Sophomore power!

Victory ~ LS, Kenzie, KM!

Last week at the Hall of Fame Stadium in OKC

#2 up to bat

Ready at 2nd

Pretty and tough

Way to go, Ladies!!!  See you at Regionals.
Photos courtesy of LS ~ thank you!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Five Short Weeks Ago!

Five weeks ago today we were parents to 10 amazing children!

And then, later in the day I stood dazed and confused at the prospect of holding our next child.  (never really intended to post this picture :)

Three people walked in the room, but our eyes were fixed on the little girl in pink!
And our lives have been forever changed from that moment on!

So, how is she doing today?
Couldn't be better!
As for me, these days I'm mostly just dazed and confused :) and amazed at God's plans!
Khloie has gained a pound and grown a quarter inch.
We definitely had an issue with milk, and that's been resolved since Silk entered the scene!  Her diet is gradually increasing.

We are still waiting on our referrals to the cardiologist, neurologist and ophthalmologist, thank-you-very-much awesome health care system.  After looking at her scans, having been seen by other doctors and having specialists look at her file, there doesn't seem to be any urgency; otherwise, we'd be pushing harder.

We've also 'met' two families on-line who have a child with Khloie's medical need.  I love how God brings families into our lives!  I will update once we know more about observation and treatment.

Socially, Khloie is amazingly appropriate!  She is the first of my Chinese treasures who came home knowing how to play.  Many of you know what I'm talking about.  She serves the best tea at our tea parties!  She would probably love the church nursery, and that sure would make service easier for me, but I realize I will never get these early bonding days back so Khloie and I are stuck like glue for now.

The girl would live outside if she could.  Hot, cold, rain or shine, she loves to play outside.

Siblings are awesome as long as they're not up in her grill.

If Khloie's space if violated, she will either scream or give a high-five...to the face!  You'd think they would learn.

This week I will take my first job since returning home so we'll see what that looks like for Daddy and the Littles:)

I just can't believe it's been five weeks!  My, how time flies this side of the process!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Day in the Life

So, my friend Donna asked me to share a typical day in the life.
That is your cue to hit the X and find something very productive to do...
but if you choose to read through this picturesque post of my pampered life, feel free.

First, to dispel any myths that I might be...

...trust me when I say even if I had a cape, it would be crumpled underneath mounds of laundry.  I am always looking for ways to simplify and organize!

Although I strive for structure and simplicity, because it works well here for everyone, especially ME, our days vary a lot depending on therapy, doctor's appointments and my work schedule.  But a typical day goes something like this ~

My alarm goes off at 4, to which I either respond by hitting snooze or hitting the floor.  Since we've been home from China I've started a new fitness plan (which I LOVE!), so I dress for exercise before starting the day's first load of laundry.  I take a break midway through my routine to put the load in the dryer and start another.

Once that's done I wake up Mr. Greenthumb (because no girl likes anyone watching her work out!), have my quiet time and try to hit the shower before waking up the school kids at 6:55.

Mr. Greenthumb leaves at 6:45 to drive the school bus, so the kids and I have a routine down mostly.  I help Kayden, Kambry, Kinley and Kaeleb get ready for school, striving not to wake up the 3 littles.  By 7:30 six kids have left for school, Kooper is getting ready for home school, and hopefully I still have three sleeping beauties.

Once the girls are up, around 8-ish, I fix breakfast and get them ready for the day.

While I'm tidying up, I let them watch Dinosaur Train or some other thing while Khloie snacks on the remote.

A very important part of Kasidi's day is therapy and stretching, usually 3 to 4 times per day.

Meanwhile, I'm helping Kooper with homeschool, doing laundry, planning supper and trying to keep all systems running smoothly.

Sometimes I spice it up a bit by making laundry soap and body lotion.

The girls love to color, make Play-Doh masterpieces, have tea parties and dress up.

We are waiting for super nice weather so we can spend lots of time outside.  

Three days per week I take Kennah to school for speech therapy, and 1 day per week we spend 8 hours at medical visits.  Sometimes we're super lucky and have dental, ortho or other doctor appointments.  But this is a typical day at home.

I usually am surprised that noon has snuck up on me, and I need to fix lunch for the girls.  Once they've eaten, I put them down for a nap around 1. Kasidi insists I rest with them, and I'm quite obliged to get a 10 to 20 minute power nap!

Ahhhh, me time!  Yeah, right!  This is when I scramble to get as much done as possible before they wake up.  Or I blog.  I usually have an hour, and then someone wakes up or the bus brings the school krew home.

Just gonna say we had to have a family meetin' last week to remind the 4 elementary school kids they simply cannot drop their backpacks, coats and shoes, leaving a trail from the door to the living room.  Khaos and klutter make me krazy!  We have a hook thingamajig in the laundry room where they hang everything as they come in the door.
After they clean sweep the pantry, we start homework and reading.  I figured out we can only open 1 backpack at a time or I will get everything mixed up and once again, khaos rules.  Never.a.good.thing.

I try to serve supper by 6:30, and fortunately since we've been home I'm still pulling pre-made frozen dishes out!!!  But before we can eat, we put all this away:
The homemade tents don't come down till later :)

Since Kolton and Kenzie are heavy in sports, our evenings vary.  During football season, everyone goes to the game, no matter where it is.  During fall fast pitch softball, we try to make most of the games because the weather is good.  During basketball, one of us goes, sans kids.  During spring slow pitch softball, one or all of us make the games when it's warm enough.  Spring baseball, same deal.  We don't make the track or power lifting meets.  If it were just me, or me and 1 kiddo, I'd be at all of my kids' sporting events, but we've come to terms with the way it is, and our athletes are okay with it.

Okay, so where were we?  It's 7-ish.  Two people clean up after the meal, and I start bathing kids.  Daddy reads with Kambry while I get the next day's clothes out for 3 kids.  By 8 or 8:30 everyone is ready for bed.  Daddy tucks Kayden, Kambry, Kinley and Kennah in, and I tuck Kaeleb in.  Then Kasidi, Khloie and I spend some quality rocking chair time.  By 9:30 or so they are tucked into bed, and Mama and Daddy are ready to crash.

And if any of these things didn't get done this day, I surely will finish them tomorrow...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Two Weeks Home and Shining

Be forewarned, this post is loaded with pictures.  I decided to post more than just Khloie pix.  After all, she is part of a large Krowd :)

Why not start with the silliest...
Khloie's transition has been one of the most pleasant of all our Treasures.  That's really the best way to describe it ~ pleasant.  She's slept all night long from the day we first held her; she's only upset when she's hungry, tired or her personal space is invaded.  She smiles at everyone who speaks to her, and she is crazy about her mama :)  What more to say???
We baked chocolate chip cookies for the weekend, and she swiped the chips.
 Girlfriend is serious about her food.

She's gone from zero to ninety in 4 weeks!  She was on formula, and now she eats table food without hesitation to return what doesn't suit her.

She loves playing with her sisters.

Did I mention how pleasant she is?
Kuyler's friend William (Billbo) visited for Easter weekend!  Hey, Billbo!

On our way to church, Easter Sunday
The home Krowd.  Don't let the sweet faces fool you ~ these 3 make sure I get n.o.t.h.i.n.g done!

We've spent time at the ball field...

...watching Kenzie do her thing!
Kinley Grace, Miss Personality.

Kuyler and Billbo took the boys to the field for target practice.  Safety first, of course.  Kaeleb was in heaven!

 Cool shot of Kuyler
 Kolton Tee, I have no pictures of you...again!
Dad doing the feeding thing
 Mom doing the feeding thing...again.
Surprise, a recipe!

I tried this Crispy Cheddar Chicken Tenders recipe, and it's a keeper.  Get it here!

Khloie is forming such a healthy attachment.  She's appropriately distant but not freaked out by people.  She still prefers Mama over Daddy, but that will level out soon.  I can tell from her diapers she probably has a milk allergy, so she's getting soy milk now.  

We've had our first of 6,000 or so post-placement visits, and her progress is incredible.  She's spent countless hours in all-day doctor's appointments with little to no complaining.  I'm telling ya', the girl is a rockstar!

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