Thursday, September 6, 2018

Eat the Fish...

...and spit out the bones!


 O God, how you continue to stretch, grow and call me  beyond the smooth edges of my comfort zone!

 You draw me to jagged edges and out of bounds of anything familiar.

 One day I will get it  … or maybe not.  But my life is yours, and I'm certain that if I understood every step it would require absolutely no faith.

 You have placed so many in my path whose knowledge and wisdom I have rejected... simply because we disagree, sometimes on big matters but oftentimes on things of no consequence.

 You are teaching me that we all have something to offer, and we all certainly have much to learn.

My mentor shared this quote with me yesterday,  "eat the fish, and spit out the bones. "

 ❤You know who you are❤

 You, Father, are teaching me that I can read authors who share different views on theology than I, listen to Podcasts I don't get, enjoy conversation with those who share different views.  Why?

1.  We all have something to offer.
2.  We all have much to learn.
3.  We have the ability to leave every place better then we found it.
4.  We can always choose kindness.
5.  We can always choose joy.
6.  We can choose the lens through which we see others, no matter our upbringing.
7.  Our priorities are evidenced by our actions, not our words.
8.  We were made for community.
9.  Our days are a mere vapor in the scheme of time.
10.  We have one life on this Earth…
So by all means, please take me outside my tidy borders and smooth edges.  Let me have the privilege of partaking of all the fish and the discernment of spitting out the bones.

For Your glory!

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