Sunday, March 30, 2008

Playing catch-up

I am seriously lacking pictures so I'll make up for it this week :) It seems we've been doing a lot, yet nothing at all. Here's the week in review:

After a much-anticipated visit from our friends, the Ls, on Saturday, Kayden was wore out! This occurred as we were waving goodbye. Can you believe I didn't take any pictures of the kids while they were here?!? I'm still claiming jet lag (3 weeks for 3 weeks)! More about the visit below.

Kaeleb has the most beautiful hair, and even though we trimmed over his ears while in China, he was in need of a real cut. Ummm, this should have been my sign.
The straight jacket for a 1 year old's head! He was not happy, and we were both covered in hair.
Finally, free and cute as a button! Look, even Mom's still smiling. (Where, oh where is Daddy???)
All this work calls for lunch at Chick Fila. And if you think I'm unleashing these two in the mall, think again :)
Not sure what the point of this picture was, but apparently these three missed it as well.Aaahhh, peaceful slumber.
And just for kicks ~ the Ugli Snugli ...
... is officially retired! Part of me wants to save it in Kaeleb's treasure box, and part of me wants to send it back to China with the next traveling family. After all, it has served us well, and maybe some other family can be blessed by it.
I'm happy to report Kaeleb's progress. He gladly sits in his high chair, apparently understanding it will result in good things! He loves to eat. We're trying new things every day, encouraging him to chew and swallow. He has graduated from straight congee to congee with chicken, stage 3 baby food (but only the good-tasting stuff), mashed pasta and baked potato. He still takes 4 bottles each day, and knows when it's time! He and Kambry copy each other, good and bad. He's learned to drink from a sippy cup. Even though he will go to most people, he still prefers Mommy. He can baby sign "eat" and "more."
I'm such a home body it's ridiculous, but it's a good thing right now because we are all back on track, sleeping normal hours, and sticking to as much routine as possible. We've even been on time for church since coming home! Structure is our friend right now.
Last week was awesome. On Monday Clayton took Kaeleb to school for the obligatory "Show and Share" in Kolton, Kenzie and Kayden's classrooms. Then Tuesday Ladena picked Kayden up from Pre-K (withdrawals from three weeks of it???) and brought lunch out! Then April joined us for a visit. Some of my awesome friends arranged to have my house cleaned on Thursday, and what a huge blessing that was! Tracy, you did an amazing job, thank you. That day Clayton, Kayden, Kambry, Kaeleb and I made the two hour drive to visit my parents. My dad is mostly confined to the bed now, except for short outings in the wheelchair. He was very clear, and we had a good visit. He enjoyed meeting Kaeleb and talked about how many grand kids he has ~ 15! I am sorry to say he is still as stubborn as ever and refuses to accept Christ "today." For those of you who have been praying for him, we truly appreciate your continued prayers, and please remember my mom as well. Her life has changed drastically.
We've made two diaper and formula runs. Clayton is already telling the kids when we have grand kids he's not changing any diapers ~ 20 years is enough :) Maybe a year from now there will be no more diapers!
Today Clayton's brother Tim, his wife Lisa, and their son Carson met us at church and then we went to lunch. My poor SIL will never want to join this crew for lunch again :)
As I said, we had a wonderful visit from our friends up north on Saturday. We've known them for about 4 years and followed their journeys to bring their two China-born daughters home. Imagine our surprise last August when I called to tell them God had revealed our waiting son in China, only to find out they had been praying for this very same child! I suspect they have been planning this visit for several months so they could meet the precious child God would allow us to call our own! In the evening we invited another family out who will travel in May to bring their precious daughter home. They've been waiting over 2 years, and we are so excited for them!
It's always so encouraging to visit with families who "get it" when it comes to adoption. In the last week I've been asked, "weren't your 3 enough?" and my answer to that is, read James 1:27 and see what God has to say about it! As for the stranger sitting across the room in the doctor's office, who yelled, "Howdja get a boy?" ... well, that may require application of "taming the tongue" or maybe no response is necessary.
Don't get me wrong, I don't mind questions ~ in fact, I love questions and see them as open doors to brag on God! But people who are genuinely interested don't blurt out stupid questions in front of 5 of my children. And I expect the "Are they twins?" It's a reasonable question, and an open door. But maybe when I'm feeling ornery I'll just say, "YES, they're 21 and 22 months old!"
It's obvious my brain is running on limited capacity now so I'll end with that :) Blessings to you all!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pictures from "Care Package" camera

Looking at the photo album we sent :)
The chew toy we sent

Aahhh, the bottle and chew toy.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

By demand, airport pix :)

Waiting ...
Finally in sight! Slightly out of order, but you get the idea :)


Am I the star or what???
Tina has been waiting 3 weeks to hold her Kambry :)Yakity yak
We've come a long way, baby :)

Thank you, Devera, for your special gift of capturing these precious moments for the third time! I know it's a sacrifice to stand behind the camera instead of participate in the moment. And thank you, Debbie, for the video ~ what a gift! Thanks to all who stood at the airport at 10 p.m. waiting on our weary family. And thank you to those who were there in spirit. We sure did draw a crowd, if I remember right.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter and music store surprise

We were so happy to be home for Easter! It was the most laid back Easter we've ever had, except for last year when we were in China! After church we came home and finished off the homemade spaghetti I had frozen before we left - yum! We had a few surprise visitors in the afternoon.
Two pretty girls ready for church (on time, I might add :)
This is about as close as we come to posing
Aha ~ so that's what we found at the music store. Kuyler really wanted a djembe, and even though we didn't realize it, that's exactly what we got :) I love the beautiful hand-carved base.
Two guys happy about their new musical toys!

Happy campers. One gets congee and one gets capn' crunch ~ no fair!

They love playing together.

Kaeleb's favorite toy is the telephone. Because it makes so much noise???
And ready to play. One is wearing a shirt; the other is wearing pants. That's an outfit, right?!?
I hope I don't jinx us by saying we're getting our groove. Kaeleb and Kambry are ready for bed at 8:30 and have slept all night, mostly. Kambry didn't even wake up for her occasional "comfort" bottle last night. The mom and dad are sleeping better too but still don't operate heavy equipment past 3 p.m. :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Poor Kambry

We now know why Kambry was a miserable traveler. When she wasn't acting like herself and we noticed green stuff coming from her right ear we got an appointment with the doctor and discovered her right eardrum had burst. 24 hours on antibiotic and eardrops and she's more like the sweet Kambry we love.
In the doctor's waiting room.
Hello, Buddy, you in there?
Chillin' after lunch
He loves his meals, but when he's done, he's done! Kaeleb will try most foods, but he's still not chewing so Mom tried her hand at congee. Can you believe it, I made congee? (It's really very easy, but who knew). Apparently I did it right because he loves it! One batch should last him a week! Actually, I'm going to start adding things to it, like veggies, then meat, eggs and so on. Eventually he will learn to chew.

Kambry and "Asheee"

Kayden is ready to go to her friend, A's, birthday party. She was just a little excited

Pure bliss! Two sleeping babies. Last night they both slept from 9 p.m. to after 8 this morning! We can live with this!

And Daddy is installing latches before something gets broken! We can barely walk through the kitchen after Kambry and Kaeleb have made a pass.

In the next few days we should have the pictures from the disposable camera taken by the orphanage and the airport pics. We'll share as soon as we get them. We are so glad to be home and celebrate Easter tomorrow. I don't think we'll make the sunrise service, but we're going to try to be on time for Sunday School! May you have a blessed Easter. He is risen!!!!

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