Monday, May 16, 2016

Catching Up!

We unpacked the Play-Doh before we left Zhengzhou...

And it was a hit!
So was Dinosaur Train.
And do you notice the different outfit?  Little man was reluctant to take a bath, but once he was in the tub, he could have stayed forever!  So then it was only appropriate to change clothes.

He actually let Mama hold him for breakfast...once.
We said goodbye to Danielle and Zhengzhou.
And little man took his first flight!  He did amazing!
Checked into the Garden Hotel in GZ, and Dinosaur Train still works :) 

Saturday morning was the medical exam, and I really wanted to take Kaison by myself.  I wanted to give Daddy a break, especially for his back.  Daddy handed him off to me as we walked out of the hotel, we were whisked onto the bus, he whined for a second and then all was well.  He was a dream!  The medical exam went much smoother than expected, and little man let me comfort him after his TB blood draw.

That night we visited our favorite noodle house.  They serve the best wheat tea!

We strolled back through the garden.

Sunday was the first time Kaison woke up happy.  Really happy.  He wasn't disoriented.  He was happy!
We were blessed to attend International Church as a group!
After church we went to Shamian Island, and after a little shopping, we enjoyed lunch at Lucy's.
Lucy's has the best chicken congee!
This is the view from our room!
Monday we went to the zoo.  It was a long walk for Daddy with little man in his arms, but we all enjoyed it.

And on the way back to the hotel, another first!  He buckled without a struggle.  *thinking of the 2-hour car ride from the airport here*

This afternoon we opted to stay in so Kaison could get the nap he really needs.  Four hours so far...
We really appreciate your prayers.  Each day is better and better!


Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Day We Visited His Birth City

From the moment we found out we were required to make a 4-hour van ride to Kaison's birth city to apply for his passport, we dreaded it.  After all, 8 hours in a van... but it turned out to be a really amazing day!

We left the hotel just before 9, and somebody was ready for a nap.

We had an early start to the day.  Little man clinging to his Baba, and his Baba clinging to the Word of his Heavenly Father.

Then little man came alive.  He played and played.

He took selfies.

Once we entered the city, we discovered the police station where we would apply for the passport was closed for a 2.5 hour lunch break.

So we enjoyed our own lunch.

We finally took care of the passport business and had a photo opp with the orphanage staffer.

A 4-hour return trip, and we were ready to call it a day.  Except somebody needed a bath.  It wasn't exactly what he had in mind, but once in the tub he was completely on board!  We changed his clothes and scrubbed him up all in one evening.

By far, the best thing that happened today was this!!!
At lunchtime little mister was his joyful self.  We see a little more of him each day!


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Officially Forever a Johnson

On May 11, 2016 our littlest man officially became Kaison Joel Johnson, forever a son and brother!

We truly appreciate your prayers!  Every day we see progress.  With progress comes regress as well.  We may get giggles and talking for 20 minutes, and then we get a brokenhearted little guy.
This was our progress on Tuesday morning: he let me carry him!

But he soon returned to his sullen self after breakfast, especially when we entered the civil affairs office again.  Bittersweet.

We praise God that Cho-Cho is forever our precious son!
Always near his Baba...
he might let Mama feed him :)

His ability to trust will take time.  We know he will be okay.  He doesn't know that yet.  We know we have his best interest at heart.  He doesn't know that yet.  We know he is fiercely loved.  He doesn't know that yet.

Baby steps, precious boy, baby steps.  Please continue to pray, dear friends.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Gotcha, 2 Days Later

Here's a recap in pictures...
We were ready!  And excited!
We arrived at Civil Affairs at 10, and Kaison Joel was waiting for us.

He was not amused.

Poor baby even got a scolding.

And still, he wanted to return to all that is "home"

It is heartbreaking.

And then he found comfort in his Baba.  Daddy remains his rock.  He can't leave the room without sobs of fear.  Daddy has taken on the role of nurturer, and I am the one who feeds little man.  I know this is common and will pass.  Still it is hard.  But I steal kisses all day long.  And little man is sleeping between us and doesn't mind me :)  He needs a rock.  He needs security.  He needs safety.  He has chosen Daddy.  And that is good.

We signed the guardianship papers, and the harmonious period began.

Tuesday we returned to Civil Affairs to finalize the adoption.  There are pictures...
Today we will spend 8 hours in the van traveling to Kaison's orphanage city to apply for his passport.  Little man will spend 8 hours either on Daddy's lap or sitting as close to him as possible.  And I will sit as close to little man as possible, sandwiching him between us :) 

He doesn't want to change clothes, and for now we are good with that.  He has been loved well.  It will take time for him to trust.  But trust will come.  It will.  We love him fiercely.  


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