Sunday, September 19, 2021

An introvert learning to live in an extrovert world

 Hey y’all, it’s been two months since I blogged, and it’s certainly not for a lack of life happening! 

In that time we’ve completed sweet corn harvest and are trying to sell the business. Although, my farmer keeps hinting that if we just let the soil rest a year we can come back and plant 🌽 

We’ve been blessed to help renovate a church campus, which is such a God story! In fact, today we celebrated Open Door Church’s third birthday in the new auditorium 🙌

We’ve completed junior high fast pitch 🥎 (whew 🥵 💨)

We are enjoying Friday Night Lights again.

I’m blessed to lead a women’s morning small group 📖 

And there’s the continual weekly round of appointments and ordinary life. 

Here it is, mid September, and I’m wondering how that can be.  But I digress.

This year has been good to me. Not perfect, not spectacular, but certainly good. I’ve shared my 2020 saga, so I’m not going into that again, but I’m amazed how the Lord has walked me through the flames and continues to refine me.

He’s allowed me to enter into new friendships and build upon and restore old ones. He’s given me the courage to be me. Every.single.imperfect part of me. 

I’m still on my journey to healing, and it looks far different from what I expected, but I’m here for it! I want instantaneous, smooth changes. But I suppose those don’t always stick. So I’m a constant work in progress, battling the desires of my flesh 

I admit I’m a socially awkward introvert with a stubborn streak and need for control. Only the Lord can deal with that mess! He’s allowing me to listen more and talk less, ask more questions, relish differences, embrace changes, serve with my hands and heart, celebrate the wins of others, laugh more, cherish what is really important - the things of eternal value, while living in a broken and temporary world. 

That’s the thing, friend. This world is not our home. We are merely sojourners. But we can have an impact!

Whose life could be changed by you living out your God-given purpose? 

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