Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In One Week...

It seems like I should have something to say, but honestly I'm speechless.  I can't believe a week from today we will be on a loooooooong flight around the world to a place where our little man waits.

Although we are beside ourselves excited, he has no idea that his world is about to be rocked and everything that is familiar will soon be left behind.

Kaison is grinning in every single picture we have, and I wonder if his little broken heart will allow the same expression a week and a half from now.
We've been praying for him and his broken heart.  And for his caregivers.  Although we knew he will be safe and loved, he can only trust that to be true.  

May he always feel secure, safe and loved.  He will be called son and brother very soon!

To God be all glory!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Even More News - Matching Opportunity!

We have had a very generous member of our community offer a $3000 matching grant!  If you are led to give, you may do so in a TAX DEDUCTIBLE way!  Here's how:

You may donate through our Connected Hearts Ministry site.  Every dollar given between April 20 and May 1, up to $3000, will be doubled!!!!  

We expect TA any day, and our agency, Lifeline, must have all grant monies in hand in order to wire to China.

We praise GOD for His goodness, and for YOU!

Here's the Link:  CONNECTED HEARTS

So Much News!

 I apologize for the delay in drawing and posting the winner of our giveaway!  Here's the thing ~ It takes Lifesong several days to post contributions, and we didn't want to miss anyone who contributed through the last day!

Once we knew we had all donors identified, we drew, and the winner was...


So I contacted Brandy, and she surprised us by sharing her desire for us to keep the items and use them for additional fundraising!  Seriously?!?
And so here's what we did:

We already had a fundraiser dinner and silent auction planned for April 17, so we included the package in the silent auction!

We are so thankful for everyone who has contributed to our Lifesong matching grant!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

About the dinner.  We prepared food for four days.  We had decided we wanted to serve only the best.

We prepared enough food for 250 to 300 people.  Our menu was beef barbacoa tacos, Mexican rice, lime cilantro rice, refried beans, garlic lime cilantro slaw, all the fixin's and sheet cake.  The silent bake auction included coconut cream and pecan pies, brownies, chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls.

*A very special thank you to Kooper and Kayden for helping me in the kitchen!  To Francis for the tortillas, beans, rice and salsa!  To Ginna for organizing the silent auction, serving and baking chocolate chip cookies!  To Becky for running the kitchen and baking brownies!  To Abby and April for making salsa!  To Tina and Ladena for serving!  To Megan for printing fliers!  Amanda for helping clean up.  And to EVERYONE who helped, came to eat, prayed for us, or had any part in this mega event!*
Silent Auction
We had praised the Lord all week for whatever He would do with this dinner.  Once again, we were blown away!  Completely stunned!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  And to Him be all glory!!!
The grand total was $12,764!!!
Here's the best part.  Because we needed $2600 to fill our $5000 matching grant with Lifesong, that much was sent to them, turning it into $10,000!!!  That means that this dinner actually brought in $20,000 toward bringing our little Treasure home!  We are only $6-7,000 from being fully funded!

Speechless!  Thankful!  Totally in awe!
And now we are waiting on Travel Approval, which could come any day.

Little man, you are dearly loved!

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