Sunday, July 26, 2015

We've Got it Goin' on: Crazy

Celebrating the halfway point of 2015 Harvest!  We are tired.

And thankful!

The Lord's crop is so good!  And I am so thankful to work side by side as a family, and with folks we consider family.

I'm chasing my tail.  Can't keep up with the chores or anything else.  Unless you call me to order corn.  I can keep up with that ;-) 

And the food.  Oh, the food.  Sometime between the book work, taking orders, marketing and sorting, I committed to feeding the crew every day.  I enjoying loving people through food, so it works.
With two-plus weeks to go, we pray to finish strong.  Then we'll go back to the normal, slow pace of life.  Hahahahahahaha.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Once Again...

...we interrupt this regularly scheduled chaos to bring you sweet corn harvest!

The first two days have sold out!

Umm, yummmm!

All praise is due Him!
As always, the alarm rings much too early, and we go to bed much too late, but it's a short season, and we will survive.  Almost every Krew member really wants to help in some way or another (well, except for the ones who have to be on the sorter at 5 a.m.).  We're letting them take turns going with Dad, count back change and take orders.  Maybe by next year they'll run the show ;-) 

To Him be all glory!!!

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