Thursday, April 20, 2017

To Plae or Not to Plae?

We've had our GoPlae shoes for a couple weeks now.

I hear of parents who are able to find cheap shoes for their kiddos' AFOs, and well, I've never had much luck with that.  They don't seem to be deep enough to fit the AFO, they slip off the heel, or they won't fasten over the AFO.  I searched high and low for a shoe to fit Kaison's teeny footsies, to no avail!  He is a size 5, and most shoes that small have Velcro fasteners, which aren't long enough.

So, since our PT recommended these, we gave them a whirl!  I'll be honest, I didn't find the website incredibly dumb user friendly :)   It took longer than I had anticipated to navigate it.  And then to figure out how to use the Tab Lab, well, don't even get me started.  BUT, they do offer live chat assistance, and "Marla" helped me tons!

I chose the style that seemed deepest because of Kaison's thick feet, and then chose 1.5 sizes above his shoe size.

Next I went to the Tab Lab and chose an extra pair of tabs in size Large.  Really, the longer tabs are one of the things that make this shoe so awesome!  Well, that and the fact that they are feather lite!!  Oh, and kinda adorable!

I was so excited when the shoes arrived, I couldn't wait to try them on him!  At first I didn't think I'd get the AFO into the shoe, even though it is more than an inch longer than his foot.  Alas, I remembered the trick of pulling the insole out!  I was able to gently stretch the shoe over the AFO, and Kaison has been on the move ever since!

This is the Ty in the color Fire.  If this shoe wears well, I will order them again!  With two in AFOs, I look for ease, quality and light weight.  Oh, and style, when possible!  I think I've found all four in GoPlae!

Check them out here: GoPlae

Happy walking!

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