Sunday, September 20, 2015

Change Begins With Us

Our hearts beat for children who have little to no hope without the love of a family, and no hope whatsoever without Christ.

14 years ago we surrendered our lives to the Lord.  All we are, all we have, all our days we surrendered.  

We didn't know exactly what that would look like, but we've pursued the desires He's placed in our hearts.

One of those pursuits is orphan care in terms of ministering to prospective and adoptive families, and adoption itself.

The Lord often stirs us to move and even draws us to a specific child at the most inopportune times.  In view of circumstances, resources and abilities, it seems illogical at best.  But in view of Scripture, it is a simple act of obedience in response to a command to love.

It is with much joy that we announce our newest treasure.  We are so privileged to be a small part of God's redemptive plan for his precious life.

We treasure your prayers throughout the journey to bring him home.

As with many times before, we are totally relying on God's provision for the adoption costs.  Introducing our first "Change Begins With Us" fundraiser~

These uber-cool tees come in unisex and women's slim fit, and are only $18 and $20 respectively.  
There are only 4 days left to get yours.

Click here: Be the Change

To HIM be all glory!


Unknown said...

Yay! I don't know you but I love your blog, your family, and the fact that you are adopting again!

Connie J said...

Thank you, Tina! We appreciate your prayers and encouragement.

lizzielou said...

Love you! Love your heart! Love your family! Much love to you sweet friend, many prayers xxoxoxoxo

Jennifer P said...

A buddy for Kohlby seems just right!

Connie J said...

You are always such an encouragement to me, sister! I love you!

Connie J said...

Yes, Jennifer, they will surely run their mama ragged😀

Boy oh Boy oh Boy! said...

Congratulations! I haven't stopped by your blog in awhile so I'm a little behind on your big news. Praying for you!

Amy P.

Connie J said...

Thank you, Amy! God is so very good!!!

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