Friday, June 3, 2016

I Want to Blog...

Every day I think of a new blog post.  And I want to blog.  
About our trip.  
About Kaison's transition.  
About all that God has done.  
And I will blog.  Eventually.  For now we have much life at hand.

Brothers sharing a passion for books

Medical appointments

A little hiccup in recent casting 

Surgeries coming up
Oh, and babysitting grand-pups

Getting to know one another
Spending time with the older married siblings - what a blessing!
Planting and preparing for sweet corn season.
Just generally trying to find our normal.
And hiring someone to update the blog.
I will blog.  For real.  Very soon.



likeschocolate said...

Heck! You have hardly touched the ground. I am amazed you have done so much since you have been home. No jetlag? Congratulations once again!

Laurel said...

Love & Hugs & Prayers to you Sweet Friend!

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