Thursday, May 28, 2009

How We Love

Have you ever had a message hit you upside the head? I mean slap you silly, get your attention kinda deal? Like it's in a song, a conversation, the Word (yikes, it's gotta be true!). I can be pretty dense, but sometimes there's just no room left to say, "Lord, if you'd just give me a sign ..."

I'm a pretty introverted gal. You could even call me socially retarded. Don't get me wrong, I love people, I love family and friend gatherings, but take me to the mall and I'm overwhelmed! I'll go before a crowd and speak if it's to brag on the Lord, but then let me quickly walk to the back row. Put me in an amusement park and I'm gonna find a bench and catch a tan. So this is the real me, but what does it say about me? How does it identify me? Does it make me appear uncaring, unapproachable, snobbish?

I've encountered a message of love in various forms lately, and it's really made me search my heart. Even though I know I love people, do they know I love them?
In John 13:35, Jesus says, "By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."

I profess to be a follower of Christ, but what does that look like? When I take my last breath, what legacy will I leave? Did I serve well? Did I know 'peeps'? Did I leave an inheritance to my children? Did I join all the booster clubs? Did I attend every meeting? Did I enroll my kids in every activity under the sun?

God has done a lot of 'pruning' in me over the last few years. We've ditched the extracurricular activities, allowing each child 1 favorite. We've left the clubs behind if it they took up family time. The inheritance has only eternal value. Lots of changes. But still, how do I love?

See, I can even do all these things, but if I complain, gossip, control and scowl, I am not representative of Christ's love. As a result of Christ's love, I should do many things, even do some things sacrificially, like give of my time, finances, talents .... But doing those things alone doesn't make me a disciple. God is transforming my heart, showing me how to step out and engage in conversation, even when I don't know what to say.

I want people to know I care about them, what's going on in their lives. Many times I don't ask, for fear they will think I'm just being nosy. I'm asking the Lord to make me sensitive to needs, to know when to ask and when to remain silent. I want to plant seeds. I want to water growing plants. I want to have a full 'fruit' basket. When someone meets me for the first time, I want them to know I am a follower of Christ. When someone has known me for years, I want them to see the transformation Christ has made in me! I want to leave a legacy of love. What will be your legacy?


Mom to my China Posse said...

What a thought provoking post. I to want to simplify. How are you? I have been praying, Kathy

Martha said...

I think we are more alike than I realized. Your prayer is mine. Praying for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing this today! It spoke volumns to me. Have a good day! ~Marshalene

Kitty said...

Truly the desire of my heart as well! And as for knowing that you care, I saw it very clearly when I had my nervous breakdown, when I've asked for your prayers, when I've been raw and vulnerable with you. God's love shines through! May we both hear, "Well done, girls" when we meet our Savior! That's the prayer of my heart every day.

Jodi said...

i didn't realize Kooper is in Nanjing. Jailyn is from Nanjing! :)

Howard and Kim said...

Very well stated. Your prayer is also mine.

I want to leave a legacy
How will they remember me?
Did I choose to love? Did I point to You enough
To make a mark on things?
I want to leave an offering
A child of mercy and grace who
blessed your name unapologetically
And leave that kind of legacy

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