Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Homemade Favorite to Go

We are that family.  You know, the family that has a separate cabinet for storing Ramen.
It's ridiculous how much instant MSG my kids consume.
But, it's so handy before a game or after a game.  Ah, who am I kidding?  We even feed it to them for supper.
Maybe you've already discovered this, but being a bit slow, I've just now figured out that I can make a healthier and tastier version of my people's favorite!
The key is variety.
And making it your own.

In this experiment I just used what I had on hand:
Spaghetti noodles, cooked and drained
Ringwood Gold cut corn (of course)
Chicken base
Carrots, chopped
Onion, finely chopped
Jars with lids

This is the mix, ready to refrigerate or pack in your lunch!
Add boiling water, seal the lid and let sit for 4 minutes.
I use chicken and beef base in so many of my recipes to add flavor!
*hint* use a low sodium chicken or beef base, or you'll end up with nearly the same thing as you find in the bag or cup of ramen.

Homemade Ramen to Go
Chicken or Beef base (low sodium)
Vegetables (shredded carrots, sweet peppers, scallions or onion, corn)
Seasonings (cumin, crushed red pepper)
Noodles (thin spaghetti, rice noodles - the possibilities are endless!)
Dried or diced meat of your choice

In a clean jar, add 1 Tbsp beef or chicken base.  Add vegetables and seasoning to your liking, then top with cooked noodles.  Refrigerate the jars if you're not using them immediately.
Add boiling water to the top of the noodles, seal the lid and let sit 4 minutes.  Stir and enjoy!

You're welcome :)


Tish said...

thanks for sharing! and i love that you put "in a CLEAN jar!"

Jennie said...

Connie - Thanks for sharing. The Ramen from stores are usually fried and rather 'greasy'. MSG is considered a very unhealthy food additive, even in Asia. Your "Ramen" (with fresh spaghetti noodles), is definitely healthier. May I offer that for a gluten-free variety, substitute freshly made rice noodles, use the dried rice noodles made solely from rice flour, and nothing else (as in NO tapioca flour additive, etc.).

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