Thursday, September 9, 2010

Canon Rebel T1i Fundraiser/Giveaway!

Look at this bad boy!

I'd love to have one, but I'd love even more for you to win it!

It's a Canon EOS Rebel T1i 15.1 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera, and it's our next item for giveaway.

The ChipIn is in our sidebar and here's how it works:
The Drawing will be held November 1.
For each $25 contribution, you get 1 entry
For each $50 contribution, you get 3 entries.
With a contribution, for each blog post, link on FB, or sharing our button on your blog, you get an additional entry. *please leave a comment to let me know you did this*

I hesitated to have another fundraiser/giveaway on the heels of the last one...but we have a darling little girl who needs to come home, and we've committed to working as hard as we have to in order to raise every penny needed.
God is faithful to provide!


Desiree' said...

posted on facebook and my blog!! Blessings to you and yours as you bring home one more ladybug!! And if you have any suggestions on a RH waiver let me know!!

catsage_2000 said...

Posted on my FB. Congratulations Connie & family on your newest addition. Can't wait to see Kasidi in your arms and home with her family forever.

Sharon said...

OH how I love this camera!!! Fantastic giveaway! I have your button on my blog, I added a post about this on my blog, and I posted a facebook link. Can't wait to see who wins!!!!

Sharon said...

Here's my blog link:

Jodi said...

Love your new header!!!! I will be adding to your newest fundraising give away soon! Love you girl! I love that Kasidi Joy has a pink shirt on too - just like her sisters! I just can't get over her chunky self!!! Sooo sweet!

Jean said...

What an awesome fundraiser and prize!! Planning to add your fundraiser to my blog!

Blessings to you!!

JShannon said...

I added the link to my facebook and I'm going to put your button on my blog.

Sheri_n_Ben said...

What a beautiful, inspirational family!! I'm so excited for you!!!
We plan to put in on the camera, and put your link on our blogs, even though we are paperchasing again ourselves...but only our 3rd time in 3 years! lol

Congratulations!! Your daughter is beautiful!!

Sheri (Leilah Di, Olivia Xia and Xiao Xiao's Mommy...and Mom to many more!)

Sheri_n_Ben said...

I've posted it here:
We'll make a contribution tomorrow night!
Good luck!

Unknown said...

Hey, this is Ali (Grace and Glory Adoption)! I am so excited about ya'lls little girl!!! I made a contribution (via my dad, Brian) and will post a link on facebook asap. Love ya'll!

Charity Hildebrand said...

We just made a contribution!

Your family is beautiful, I just love the picture in your header :)

So excited for you guys! Kasidi is adorable!


rarejule said...

God Bless... may He make all things possible to add one more to your beautiful family!

I've made a contribution, posted on my blog and will tweet and add to my FB too!


Girl On A Mission said...

Heyy, Connie! It's Kassadi! I just posted a link to your blog on my facebook!

Sharon said...

Made a contribution, posted to our blog and posted on FaceBook.

I also posted about your candles again when I did a link-up @

The candles are YUMMY! I will be ordering more!

Amy said...

*made contribution...check
*listed on my blog...check
*linked it on FB...check
NOW...let's get Miss Kasadi home!!!

Sandra said...

Made a contribution and posted on FB!
Great idea for a fundraiser!
God Bless!

Sharon said...

I just made a contribution, and have already added your button on my blog, I added a post about this on my blog, and I posted a facebook link. Thanks!

Amanda said...

I've enjoyed following your blog, you have a beautiful family. My husband and I hope to be adopting soon as well and pray we will have others come along side us to help!
I am going to post your blog on my facebook right now.
God Bless!
Amanda B

Marjorie said...

Hey Connie! I finally remembered! lol I advertised your fundraiser on FB and my blog. I'm thrilled to hear how God is blessing you!!

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